The Bruins’ Succession Plan for Zdeno Chara

Even if Zdeno Chara’s retirement tour isn’t already underway, the Boston Bruins’ succession plan for their captain most definitely is. The defenseman’s career is well into its twilight, judging solely by his NHL-high 42 years of age. That’s saying nothing of Chara’s decreased performance and, subsequently, usage by the Bruins. The 2019-20 season represents the […]

NHL News & Notes: Bruins, Predators & More

report this ad In today’s News & Notes, the Boston Bruins could use seven defenders in Game 5 against the St. Louis Blues if both Matt Grzelcyk and Zdeno Chara are unable to play, Dan Lambert has been hired by the Nashville Predators and the Florida Panthers have announced their coaching staff. Bruins Could Dress […]

10 Things You May Not Know About Hockey

From the THW Archives, written by former contributor Alli Baker and originally published Feb. 16, 2015. So you think you know everything there is to know about hockey, eh? Well if you know more than half of these strange facts, you’re either a hockey buff or you’ve got too much time on your hands. 1. One […]

The Worst Trades in NHL History

Every year in the NHL, trades take place between teams in order to improve their respective squads. On most occasions, trades in the NHL work out well, in which both teams improve following the arrival of a new player(s) or asset which addresses a weakness or need a team may have. On other, less common […]

7 Biggest NHL Players in Today’s Game

In today’s NHL, speed dominates. No longer can teams roster slow, hulking defensemen capable of obstructing opponents into submission. But, if a player has speed and size, they can be lethal. According to Hockey-Graphs, the average NHLer stands six-foot-one and weighs 201 pounds (as of the 2014-15 season). When compared to the average NHL player […]

San Jose Sharks’ Remarkable 3rd Round Draft Anguish

In the offseason, we typically cover subjects which aren’t quite as serious or perhaps a bit quirky. In keeping with this spirit, we’ll review one of the quirkiest and most frustrating of all San Jose Sharks histories. We’ll start at the beginning of the franchise, before the team had ever played a game. In their […]

NHL Rumors: Rangers, Leafs, Predators in Trade Market?

In today’s rumor rundown, the Nashville Predators may be a team to watch with some open salary cap and desire to make big trades. Meanwhile, in Toronto, while assessing their solutions internally, the Maple Leafs are looking to possibly improve their defense via trade. Finally, the New York Rangers seem certain to make some big […]

7 Things About Zdeno Chara

When thinking about Boston Bruins defender Zdeno Chara, one word should come to mind. That word, as you might have guessed, is big. Whether it big his stature, his contributions to the team or his contributions to the city of Boston, everything about Chara screams “big.” It’s for that reason that a player near 7-feet […]