Soaring Ducks Get New Rival in 2021

The chatter around Seattle’s new expansion franchise, which became official Tuesday, has been mostly positive, as it should be. For the Anaheim Ducks, who are riding a five-game winning streak, Seattle’s 2021 arrival in the Pacific Division will mean future consequences, both positive and negative for their roster, schedule, playoff qualifications and salary cap. One […]

Ducks Have Future Core With Maple Leafs Help

Good relationships can be hard to find in the NHL, but the Anaheim Ducks have struck gold with the Toronto Maple Leafs. Despite the fact that they couldn’t be any further apart geographically, the two teams have developed a warm relationship, warm enough to make 15 trades since 2010. While the Leafs have benefited, acquiring […]

What Montour’s Contract Could Mean for Kase

As we get deeper into the summer, NHL news slows down considerably, with the main items being the occasional announcements of new RFA contracts and arbitration proceedings. The Anaheim Ducks provided one of those news nuggets on July 24 in announcing the re-signing of 24-year-old defenseman Brandon Montour to a two-year bridge contract worth an […]