Rebooting World Cup of Hockey to be Part of NHL Labour Talks

report this ad VANCOUVER — With labour talks having already begun on an informal basis, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and union chief Don Fehr are in favour of rebooting the World Cup of Hockey tournament and holding it every four years. International Competition The stumbling block to laying out a long-term calendar of international competition, […]

NHL Awards Voting (and Voters) Needs Reevaluation

report this ad The NHL Awards were last night, and while most of the awards handed out were well-deserved and, for some, long overdue, there were a shocking number of voting results that were either questionable, irrational, or downright wrong. Let’s look at some of the peculiarities in the voting results. Ryan O’Reilly of the […]

Wild Cards Are Wiping out the Favourites in This Year’s NHL Playoffs

report this ad Wild-card winners are the story of this season’s NHL playoffs. The Columbus Blue Jackets, Colorado Avalanche and Dallas Stars upended the NHL’s No. 1, No. 2 and No. 8 teams respectively in the post-season’s first round. The Carolina Hurricanes pushed the No. 4 Washington Capitals to a seventh game Wednesday. Related: Hurricanes Control […]

The NHL’s Department of Player Safety – A Model of Inconsistency

report this ad Personally, I think it’s been one of the best years in a while when it comes to supplemental discipline handed down from the NHL’s Department of Player Safety (DoPS). For the most part, they’ve been consistent and relatively fair in terms of who they suspend and for how long. Players like Evgeni […]

Blue Jackets Surge Sets Tone for Unpredictable Playoffs

COLUMBUS, Ohio — The Tampa Bay Lightning, the NHL’s best team, lost their first two playoff games at home to the Columbus Blue Jackets and are vulnerable without their top scorer for Game 3. Winnipeg lost its first two at home, leaving the Jets fighting for their post-season relevance as that series shifts to St. […]

Former Coyotes Forward Craig Cunningham Returns to Ice with Prosthetic Skate

VANCOUVER — Former NHL forward Craig Cunningham just wanted to say thanks and debut his new skating leg. The 28-year-old posted a video to Instagram on Wednesday that shows him taking a quick spin around an arena in San Diego, deftly carving the ice using a prosthetic leg. By Friday, the clip had been viewed nearly […]

The “Race” for the Final Western Playoff Spot

I considered writing this piece a while ago but I figured it’d probably become obsolete in a big hurry. After all, the “race” for the final playoff spots in the NHL’s Western Conference couldn’t possibly stay as bad as it was. But alas, it did. So I decided to put fingers to keyboard after the […]

Blue Jackets Window Just Starting to Open

The Columbus Blue Jackets could use some good news in light of recent developments with their best players. A quick review of the status of the rest of their franchise should provide you with the comfort you’re looking for. Sometimes a different perspective is needed when it comes to viewing a painful situation. Let’s be […]