Boston Bruins: The Merlot Line

report this ad For most of their existence, the Boston Bruins have been known as a rough and tough team. Appropriately tagged “The Big Bad Bruins”, they brought a combination of skill and intimidation to the ice. As the sport changed, so did the team wearing black and gold: skill could no longer be easily countered […]

Hockey Hall of Fame Debates: Rick Middleton

His nickname was “Nifty”, and if you ever saw Rick Middleton play you would understand why. Few snipers could skate in on a goaltender or dangle the puck the way that he could. In fact, the term “dangling” in hockey might best belong to Middleton. It was the way he did it. When lovers of […]

7 Best Rookie Seasons in Boston Bruins History

Rookies (or “first-year players” as captain Zdeno Chara prefers) figured to play an integral role this season for the Boston Bruins. Eschewing the big-name free agent signings of years past and opting instead to ride the youth wave, success was to be largely predicated on the readiness of several promising prospects within the pipeline. It […]

7 Worst Trades in Boston Bruins History

As mentioned in this article’s companion piece (which you can find here), the Boston Bruins have come out on the winning end of several of the most lopsided trades in NHL history. Milt Schmidt turned around a moribund franchise by acquiring Phil Esposito, Ken Hodge and Fred Stanfield from Chicago for pennies on the dollar. […]