St. Louis Blues’ 50-Goal Scorers

report this ad Ever since Maurice “The Rocket” Richard became the first to do so in 1944-45, scoring 50 goals in one season has been the pinnacle plateau for NHL goal scorers. The magic 50-number has distinguished the true “snipers” of the league. While Wayne Gretzky once scored 50 in only 39 games – an […]

The Worst Trades in NHL History

Every year in the NHL, trades take place between teams in order to improve their respective squads. On most occasions, trades in the NHL work out well, in which both teams improve following the arrival of a new player(s) or asset which addresses a weakness or need a team may have. On other, less common […]

The Best Late Round NHL Draft Picks

* Our best ever late round draft picks article was originally published in 2014. Time will tell if anyone should be added to the list (feel free to share opinions in the comments below). In the meantime, hard to argue with these guys best the best ever. In the annual NHL Entry Draft, teams select […]