Kit of the Day – The Edmonton Oilers

  The National Hockey League version of the Edmonton Oilers has always been an all-or-nothing team. For their first 13 seasons – starting in 1979-80, the Oilers made the playoffs every single year, winning five Stanley Cups and only losing in the first round on three occasions. Star players were sprinkled throughout the Edmonton roster, […]

Vegas Golden Knights Jersey History

It’s been quite the debut for the Vegas Golden Knights. After finally revealing the roster of the National Hockey League’s newest expansion team following much wheeling and dealing, much of the hockey world was comforted by their seemingly curious roster composition. After all, there had already been many such facepalm-worthy moments in the Vegas franchise’s short […]

Chicago Blackhawks Logo History

Let’s face it, we’re all a little tired of the Chicago Blackhawks. Given how often they’re on national television, how many of them were named to the National Hockey League’s Top 100 (despite questionable qualifications) and, of course, the league’s insistence on sending them to every single outdoor game ever, the NHL seems to view […]

Tampa Bay Lightning Jersey History

The Tampa Bay Lightning are the envy of the National Hockey League. They’ve got a phenomenal owner in Jeff Vinik, who put the brakes on disaster and painstakingly rebuilt the organisation from the inside out. A former investment wizard, Vinik has managed to strike the optimal balance between the fanatical micromanagement of some of his […]

Top 10 Nicest Current NHL Jerseys

The team uniform represents more than what some fans may think. Jerseys are often historic symbols that represent the cities that they belong to, and some are even deeply rooted in the lengthy, rich history of the NHL. This list will examine the top-10 nicest current NHL jerseys, and will include only home and away jerseys (so no […]

Anaheim Ducks Logo History

Despite only being around for 24 years, the Anaheim Ducks sure do like taking walks down memory lane. After he previously spent parts of six seasons with the team, the then-Mighty Ducks brought back Teemu Selanne for the 2005-06 season (and the eight that followed), four years after shipping him to the San Jose Sharks […]

A Brief History of NHL Uniforms

Have you ever wondered why referees wear striped shirts, or teams have to wear contrasting colours? Then  this is for you. Contrasting Colours in NHL Uniforms Hockey uniforms were very simple in the early days. Since most players also played football in the summertime, they simply borrowed these pants for hockey games, then added a […]