5 Worst Trades in Blackhawks History

It is always easy to determine the winner and loser of a trade long after the fact.  The Chicago Blackhawks have made some awful trades that looked like mistakes the very moment they made them. Here are the five worst trades in franchise history. 5. October 25, 1991 Blackhawks trade away offense to get better […]

Top 3 Centers in Blackhawks History

The Chicago Blackhawks have had some of the best centers in the history of the NHL. Centers usually carry the most responsibility on the ice where they’re supposed to score and win faceoffs. Because of this responsibility, centers are often some of the best players. Although the Hawks have had their fair share of strong […]

Chicago Blackhawks Logo History

Let’s face it, we’re all a little tired of the Chicago Blackhawks. Given how often they’re on national television, how many of them were named to the National Hockey League’s Top 100 (despite questionable qualifications) and, of course, the league’s insistence on sending them to every single outdoor game ever, the NHL seems to view […]

Blackhawks Top 3 Historic Rivalries

The Chicago Blackhawks have been in the National Hockey League (NHL) since 1926 and a team doesn’t last that long in a professional sports league without gaining some enemies. In their nine decades in the NHL, the Blackhawks have earned six Stanley Cups and countless foes. Some are of the past but that doesn’t mean […]