The inside story of how Carey Price became a Canadien

GAINEY As far as our goaltending depth and drafting a goalie — you just presume it’s going to be three, four, or five years [after drafting him] before you’ve got a player on your team, and so many things can happen in that stretch of time. The conflict over already having a lot of depth […]

At home with James Paxton, the best Canadian in baseball

Paxton woke up the morning of Sept. 7, 2013, with one goal in mind: Pitch well against the Tampa Bay Rays in his major-league debut. He hadn’t been awake for long, though, when the goal was drastically altered: Just get through the day. Ted called Paxton that morning from Vancouver to let him know that […]

How Roberto Luongo found a true home in Parkland

Luongo says the good memories from his seven-plus seasons out west dwarf the bad, the only real downers being the devastation of losing Game 7 of the 2011 Stanley Cup Final on home ice to the Boston Bruins and the fact a disproportionate amount of blame for the Canucks’ ultimate shortcomings seemed to be laid […]

Why Jack Hughes could be the best USNTDP product ever

Players lift three times or four times a week under the direction of the program’s strength coach. They check in with the academic advisor on staff. They attend team or individual sessions and maybe drop in on the coaches — a couple of days before the game against Waterloo, Hughes dropped in to watch video […]

How Brendan Gallagher became Montreal’s favourite son

In the minds of Ian and Della, allowing Brendan to indulge his various sporting passions — namely golf and baseball in addition to hockey — was paramount. The primary parental motivation was surely to allow for a rounded existence, but an objective observer might have looked at a 15-year-old kid who was five-foot-two and 130 […]