Top 10 NHL Legends Who Never Hoisted Lord Stanley’s Cup

If you ask any young hockey player what they want, more than anything, their answer will likely be to win the Stanley Cup. Precious few have the chance to play a game in the NHL, and even fewer get the chance to hoist the greatest trophy in sports. Many NHL players have had illustrious careers. They […]

Chicago Blackhawks Logo History

Let’s face it, we’re all a little tired of the Chicago Blackhawks. Given how often they’re on national television, how many of them were named to the National Hockey League’s Top 100 (despite questionable qualifications) and, of course, the league’s insistence on sending them to every single outdoor game ever, the NHL seems to view […]

Wayne Gretzky: The Great One’s 10 Most Unbreakable Records

Wayne Gretzky spent his entire professional hockey career (20 seasons in the NHL and one in the WHA) rewriting the record books. When ‘The Great One’ retired following the 1998-99 season, he held 61 NHL records. Gretzky’s stats have set the benchmark so high that it appears that many — if not all — of his […]

Worst Toronto Maple Leafs Trades

  There have been some horrible, terrible and embarrassing trades by the Toronto Maple Leafs in team history. But in recent memory, the number one worst trade blows all the others out of the water — or perhaps blows the Leafs off the trees. Everything about this deal was bad. They chose the wrong player […]

The NHL’s Most Unbreakable Playoff Records

A little over a year ago we sat down together and opened the NHL’s record book in search of some of the game’s most unbreakable records. While Wayne Gretzky’s name is found throughout the history of the game, it was decided that other marks including Sittler’s 10-point game, Orr’s 110-point season and Glenn Hall’s consecutive […]

Top 10 Undersized NHL Players

  Often deemed too small by NHL scouts and executives, undersized players frequently have a harder time breaking into the National Hockey League. Many are overlooked and go undrafted since they do not fit the traditional mold of a professional hockey player. However, smaller players have found their way into the NHL and made history. […]

Top 10 Nicest Current NHL Jerseys

The team uniform represents more than what some fans may think. Jerseys are often historic symbols that represent the cities that they belong to, and some are even deeply rooted in the lengthy, rich history of the NHL. This list will examine the top-10 nicest current NHL jerseys, and will include only home and away jerseys (so no […]

Worst Trades in Red Wings History

As the Detroit Red Wings continue to rebuild, thoughts of missed opportunities, unnecessarily long contracts, and poor trades often come to mind. And with general manager Ken Holland leading the charge, many have an uneasy feeling about the future. If you’re concerned about Holland’s ability to execute the franchise-improving swaps, don’t fret. There have been […]

Best Undrafted Players in NHL History

  Throughout NHL history, the league’s elite players have typically been those selected in the annual NHL Entry Draft. The position and round in which these players are drafted are often used as a measuring stick to determine the future success of a given player. Players selected early in the first round have expectations of greatness […]

Hockey Documentaries to Watch Right Now

True fans know hockey involves more than a 60-minute game. From fictional movies about the sport to highlight reels online, hockey can be found in multiple forms. A number of fascinating documentaries take fans behind the scenes. They provide players a voice. Moreover, these films help situate the sport in the broader social, political, and […]