One for the Ages: Roger Crozier’s 1970-71 NHL Season

There was no player more valuable to the Buffalo Sabres in their first two or three years of the franchise than the acrobatic Roger Crozier. Oftentimes heralded as “The Artful Dodger” in between the pipes for the Sabres, the diminutive 5-foot-8, 160-pound goaltender truly lived up to the moniker. If you watch old footage of […]

All-Time Best Player From Every NHL Team

Inside the Hockey Hall of Fame, there’s a large room–a sanctuary–that honors hockey’s most notable players, athletes, builders and broadcasters. In addition to the Stanley Cup, there are custom-built trophy showcases filled with the Vezina, Hart, Art Ross and Calder trophies. And, of course, there are portraits and biographical sketches of each inducted member. Mario […]

A Look Back at RFAs and Offer Sheets

The history of offer sheets in the NHL is a long one. While there hasn’t been a successful offer sheet since the Edmonton Oilers signed Dustin Penner to one in 2007, there is still some significant history that has come from the offer sheet both prior to and following the 2007 season. While this article […]

10 Things You May Not Know About Hockey

From the THW Archives, written by former contributor Alli Baker and originally published Feb. 16, 2015. So you think you know everything there is to know about hockey, eh? Well if you know more than half of these strange facts, you’re either a hockey buff or you’ve got too much time on your hands. 1. One […]

Winnipeg Jets Jersey History

Poor Winnipeg, always getting the shaft. If it’s not Ilya Bryzgalov complaining about a supposed lack of parks, or the San Jose Sharks ripping on Winnipeg’s climate and alleged poor WiFi, then it’s the rest of Canada ranking the Gateway to the West (“Winterpeg,” for non-politicians) only slightly behind Hamilton as the nation’s easiest city […]

Luc Bourdon Remembered

May 29, 2008 — a quiet, but tragic day in the small town of Lameque, New Brunswick. Vancouver Canucks defenceman Luc Bourdon lost his life in Lameque as a result of a terrible motorcycle accident. Winds gusted at around 50 km/h that day in Lameque, making keeping balance on two wheels all that more difficult […]

Jacques Plante: The Man in the Fiberglass Mask

The month of November is perhaps the most important for any present-day goaltender guarding the crease in the National Hockey League – but most might not even know why.  It was during that month back in 1959 that the position changed forever, thanks to a 6-foot, 175-pound man from Quebec. Advancement in Goalie Gear Was […]

Buffalo Sabres’ 50-Goal Scorers

The statistical milestone of 50 goals scored in an NHL season has been an elusive and formidable target. Those who have reached the plateau join an elite club. And while there’s a little bit of magic to the number 50, some players have risen above that to even higher levels. They’ve smashed through the 60, […]

The Best of ‘Mr. Goalie’ Glenn Hall

In honour of Glenn Hall’s incredible accomplishments, we have pulled this beauty from the THW Archives, written by former THW contributor Mike Moore and originally published Oct. 23, 2010. It seems like every season, a new hockey trivia book hits the shelves. Hockey fans love hockey trivia. “Puck-Saving Trivia”, “Super, Unbelievable, Twine-Bulging Trivia” – we […]