Three Legendary Olympic Hockey Players You’ve Never Heard Of

  When Alan Eagleson brought the 1972 Summit Series to fruition, North American hockey fans quickly learned that the rest of the world had some serious talent.  The Canadians severely underestimated the quality of the Soviet Union.  Fans were exposed to Soviet legends Valeri Kharlamov, Vladislav Tretiak, Boris Mikhailov, and others. From that point on, […]

Terry Sawchuk – How the Maple Leafs Snagged the Hall of Fame Goalie

The following is one of our many posts written as if it were 1964, as the events unfolded. It’s a slow hockey news day this 27th of September, 1964, so we thought we’d inform you of a little intrigue that took place at the NHL’s Intra-league draft during the annual June shin-dig in Montreal. Some astute […]

The Sutter Family Has Deep Roots in Alberta Hockey

As naturally as many families become associated with specific industries that they work within, it’s become commonplace for families to become associated with specific sports in specific parts of the world. Within the hockey world, arguably the most influential family in history – with apologies to Maurice and Henri Richard – is the Sutter family. […]

Val James: The Forgotten Trailblazer

Until Jordan Greenway took to the ice for the US men’s ice hockey team in Pyeongchang, the program had never had an African-American player on its Olympic roster. It’s shocking it took so long, even with players such as Mike Grier, Seth Jones, Dustin Byfuglien and Kyle Okposo. But, what’s even more shocking is that […]

10 Potential Names for a New Seattle NHL Franchise

Today we look at some options for new Seattle NHL team names, a more difficult task than days gone by. Sports back in Grandpa’s heyday were so much easier than they are today. Case in point: team monikers. Back then, franchise names were so simple, so logical that they rolled right off the tongue. The […]

Derek “Turk” Sanderson: A Boston Legend

Combine a gritty style of play with quick hands and fast feet, throw in a swagger that sat well with his movie-star good looks, mix well with his fair share of nastiness and you have the young Derek Sanderson, better known by his friends and teammates as “Turk”. Born and raised in Niagara Falls, Ontario, […]

The Best NHL Forwards Ever

  The NHL has a long and storied existence. Legendary teams, lines and players serve as a reminder of days gone by while today’s players continue to forge the legacy left behind by the pioneers of our beloved game. Like any legendary player, their contributions to the record books survive the test of time. Whether […]

Remembering an Old Friend: Buffalo’s Memorial Auditorium

An electric atmosphere. Great sight lines. Lively glass panels and boards that would rattle and reverberate from solid body checks. There was so much to love about Buffalo’s Memorial Auditorium. Before jumping back in to another Sabres season that’s filled with new front office personnel and an overhauled roster, let’s pause and turn back the […]